Baby proofing on a budget

Having a baby is exciting, book shelf

There are some things that you probably shouldn’t buy used unless you are very sure about the age of the product and about any safety information/recalls etc. Things like crib mattresses and car seats can actually create hazards if they are too old or too “used.”

The same goes for babyproofing your home. Safety first should be your guide, but that doesn’t mean that you need to blow the bank on gadgets and gizmos that you can easily DIY.

Here are some safe baby proofing hacks that will keep your budget on track.

Tennis anyone?

Head to your local dollar store and stock up on cheap tennis balls. Don’t worry about their bounce-ability. These balls aren’t headed for the court. Make incisions in the balls and fit them over any sharp corners on tables or other furniture.

Washcloth wonder

Keep your little one from slamming their fingers in doors by wedging a washcloth between the door and the doorframe. They can pull and play with the doorknob, but it won’t open.

Another trick to keep doors in place is to insert a piece of a pool noodle in the doorjam.

Use the high shelves

It may be enough simply to remove items that might be harmful for your child (sharp items, medication, cleaning supplies, etc.) well out of reach. Common sense- and free!

Cupboard doors

If the handles are the right width on your cupboard doors, fit a cookie cutter over top of the knobs. That should hold them in place. Elastic bands work too.

For closet doors, take one of your hangers (preferably plastic) and hang it upside down, securing the doors closed.

The outlets

Basically, however you can block little fingers from getting into outlets is a good plan. You can use duct tape, masking tape or even band aids to block access.

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