How to save money on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, you may be tempted to open up your wallet to treat Dad on his special day. While the sentiment is lovely, rest assured, the last thing that father_son

The best way to honour your Dad is to embrace the lessons that he’s taught you over the years about good money management. It’s a hard gift to wrap, but it will make him happy!

It’s the thought that counts

Although this is cheesy, it’s true. Father’s Day is all about you showing Dad how much you appreciate what he’s done for you, and for the role that he has in your life.

It’s time to get creative to come up with some ways to show him how.

Give him the gift of you

Time is probably the most precious commodity that you’ve got, so you can really make a statement by giving Dad a good chunk of your time.

The day is his. What would he like to do? Is he a golfer? Treat him to a round. Is he a bookworm? Go for a stroll around your local bookstore or library and browse. Is he a sports fan? Sit down with him on the couch to take in the game/event with some special snacks.

Help out

You can always give your gift to Dad in the form of “labour hours.” Offer to do his yard work, paint, clean the house and run his errands.  Do whatever dear Dad needs so that he can spend the day with his feet up.

Meal planner

If you are itching to take Dad out to eat on Father’s Day, you are better off to go for breakfast or lunch, rather than dinner, where the meal is going to be much cheaper.

What about dessert and coffee? You’ve got yummy treats, time together and it’s budget-friendly too.


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