10 ways to generate fast cash for the holidays

Hats off to you if you’ve already started your holiday shopping and extra applause if you’ve set a gift budget and are sticking to it.

If you’ve not started yet, and if you’ve not put money aside, leaving your shopping to the last minute could mean blowing your budget wide open.  You need to boost the income side of your balance sheet. You can either march into your boss’s office and demand a raise, or you can give one of these quick income generating ideas.

Clean it out!

Cleaning out your closets, garage or attic is not a fun job. But if you consider it a potential way to earn income, it suddenly becomes more attractive.

Box up old clothes and sell them to your local consignment store. Sell sports equipment and unwanted toys.

If you can’t get cash, take advantage of trade-in credits at consignment stores (clothing, housewares and sports). You might be able to find some good gifts- at an even deeper discount!

Gift Cards

You could always regift gift cards that you’ve received and haven’t used- or if they aren’t appropriate, you can always sell them and use the cash to buy other gifts.

Got a hobby?

Your hobbies aren’t just for your amusement. They can be money making opportunities.  Are you artsy or crafty? Sell your creations or artwork online. Do you cook? Busy families would appreciate being able to come home to a home cooked meal or to baked goods that you could prepare and sell.

Part-time job

‘Tis the season for seasonal work. If you can give up a few evenings a week and/or a day or two on the weekend, you can make some solid cash. This may throw a wrench into your time management, but it is for the short term- and for a specific goal.

Check out retail and restaurants and bars. This is their busy season!