4 Charming & Inexpensive Dates for the End of Summer

As the month of August is getting ready to close, we are preparing ourselves to say goodbye to summer. Summer is usually an exciting time when you’re single because, for some reason, the season is equated with fun and casual dating while frolicking in the sun. However, if your romantic calendar is filling up, it can get expensive being out all the time or, for the ladies, buying outfits to charm that special someone.

We’ve got 5 delightful yet inexpensive date ideas that will make the most of the good weather before Autumn hits and keep your wallet its current size!

Happy dating!

Date #1: Make the date a part of your daily life. If you both have dogs, take them both out on a hike or walk. Keep cool drinks, perhaps wine, on hand to sit outside after and enjoy together. Being active together is a great way to release endorphins in each other’s company!

Date #2: Keeping in theme with animals, if your date enjoys the company of them, suggest going down to the local humane society and spending some time with new furry friends. You may even leave with a new one yourself! It’s a great way to bond over a common interest and do some good in the community.

Date #3: Use a neighbourhood to provide some excitement. If there’s an interesting or entertaining neighbourhood that you love to go to, take them along with you. Walk through all the streets, look at the unique architecture if there’s any and go into some fun-looking shops. The interesting environment provides a nice backdrop for your date and maybe a few conservation topics as well!

Date #4: Learn something new together. Let’s face it; going to an expensive restaurant to impress a date is not a sure-fire way of guaranteeing it’s a success. Whether they end up being your soul mate or not, try and get some out of the date even if it’s not everlasting love. Learn something new together by maybe taking a cooking or drink-making class. There are often offers for them on daily-deal sites and it’s something to distract you from some potential nerves you may be feeling. If you don’t get a second date, at least you know how to make a killer cocktail!