5 common ingredients you didn’t know could clean your home

Everybody has to clean their home, it’s usually one day a week that we dedicate to cleaning up after ourselves and giving the house a good scrub-down. If you ask anyone, they’d tell you that they don’t exactly like the harsh ingredients used in cleaning products but they have to clean their house somehow! Well, we’re going to let you in on a secret that can save you money and exposure to those pesky chemicals with these 5 common ingredients you have in your house.


Monday 1Olive oil: Most people don’t use wax for their wood anymore and have opted to use oils to give them their shine again. These oils are usually incorporated with some kind of citrusy note to give them a pleasant smell. The same result can be achieve by mixing one and a half tablespoons of olive oil to a teaspoon of our next ingredient.


Lemon slices background, close-upLemon juice: Add the teaspoon of lemon juice to the olive oil and apply mixture to towel and wipe hardwood tables in a circular motion. Be warned, this will only work on varnished woods. Bare or natural wood may be stained by oil.

Monday 3Coke: The kitchen sink can get a little grimy from time to time so imagine what the inside of the drain looks like? An easy way to clear out grimy and built-up food particles is to poor Coke down the drain. The carbonation helps to lift and release things that may be sticking to the sides of the pipes. Pour a large bottle of Coke down the drain in a steady stream. Let it sit for a few hours (try not to use the sink during this time) and then let the water run for 3-5 minutes to clear it out. If it’s so effective for cleaning drains, it probably isn’t good for us, is it?

Monday 4Baking soda: This is a tried and true ingredient for natural cleaning products. Whether you’re removing easy grime from a sink or trying to lift rings from the bathtub, baking soda is a splendid ingredient. For easy clean-ups, just add baking soda to the sponge or scrub you’re using. For more stubborn messes, make a best out of 2 parts baking soda and 1 part water. Leave it on the affected area for 15 minutes then wipe away. It’ll help in lifting whatever it is that ails you! Baking soda & boiling water is also good for cleaning silver jewellery!

Monday 5White vinegar: Another favourite amongst naturalist. Hardwood floors are extremely popular in this day and age because they look classic and beautiful. However, you can vacuum a hardwood floor because the vacuum may scratch or damage the wood so using one part vinegar to four parts water and a mop will clean it up just fine. Vinegar is also naturally diminishes odour while its stinging smell fades so it’s a win-win type of product!

Do you use any of these ingredients to clean your house? If you have any more suggestions, we’d love to read your comments so we can share them with our friends!

Images: npr.org, kootation.com, rothfusfamilydental.com, earth911.com