5 Frugal Ways to Celebrate June

picnicI love, love June. If summer were a weekend, June is like the Friday night- with loads of leisure time still to unfold before us.

As the days become longer, and we take that decidedly idyllic march into summer, there are certain, “just-this time of year” activities that are welcome as part of our ritual.

The temptation of course, is to increase spending in favour of summer fun.  But it’s possible to be fun and frugal!


Is there anything better than combining the great outdoors and great food? The extra benefit to packing a picnic of course is its portability. For young kids especially, there is a super cool novelty to eating outdoors, wherever it strikes you.

Think beyond your usual sandwiches, and spend some time preparing ahead of time, things like cold chicken, interesting salads, yummy hand-held nibblies and of course- dessert.

Picnics can be a family outing, but are also a great date-night activity too. Include with your picnic a comfy, colourful blanket and a nice bottle of wine. A picnic date is a fraction of the cost of a night out at the restaurant and is decidedly more scenic.

Backyard Bay

They say there’s no place like home! How very true, especially when it comes to finding fun and relaxation at little or no cost.

While away the afternoon in your favourite lawn chair with a good book and a frosty drink. Set up water play for your kids, including water balloons, buckets, sponges and of course- a good, old-fashioned hose!

Take in a Sporting Event

Are you a sports fan? Check out some local sporting events (we are in the height of amateur baseball and soccer season). Many local teams at higher levels offer very exciting sports action at a fraction of the cost of a professional event.

And- it is a cost-friendly way to while away a summer afternoon or evening.

Open Houses

And not the kind for  houses for sale (although that is a fun, free way to spend an afternoon with those with interest in housing and design).

Many cities and neighbourhoods offer “open doors” tours at this time of year, to offer a glimpse of what some homeowners have done- either to spectacular gardens or some other design nugget.

Often free (or a for a nominal fee) these tours offer unique insight to the areas in which you  live. You might even pick up some tips for your own house!

Park Safari

Pack the family into the car, or hop on your bikes and set to exploring nearby neighbourhood parks that you’ve not been to before.

Not all parks are created equal, and you may find some new favourites. Beyond green space, many parks offer additional amenities, like swimming, splash pads, community centres and organized activities.

You’d be surprised at how delighted younger kids are at the prospect of a new, different play structure as well!