5 ways to save money on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that can be hard on the wallet. It’s not Christmas by any means, but you generally end up spending quite a bit of money on things you may not need or want (more boxes of chocolate? Show of hands- who still has chocolate lingering from the holiday season?).

However, budgetary reasoning aside, you should still celebrate Valentine’s Day. But the celebration of love doesn’t have to be expensive.

Movie marathon

With that February chill in the air, staying in can be nice (nicer!) than going out. Pop some popcorn, get your comfy clothes on and get ready to roll those film credits. Given this is a Valentine’s Day celebration, you need to be theme-oriented, of course. So pick some of the classic romantic movies like Casablanca, Say Anything or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Dine in

Again, in the stay-at-home theme, dine in. If you are foodies, plan to cook together or order out from your favourite restaurant. It’s all about the details, like a nice wine, candles, linen tablecloths and fancy plates. Wait until the kids are in bed, and you don’t even need a sitter.

The jar

As with all things budget-minded, the DIY gift is always a great idea. For this one, fill a jar with date ideas to complete throughout the year. Be creative. Besides, who wants to limit your Valentine’s Day date to one night?

A playlist

I’m probably dating myself here, but I remember the days when the expression of true love had a lot to do with a mixed cassette tape. You can still have the same sentiment, but digitally. Put together a swoon-worthy playlist that represents your love story.

Bake it

Does your Valentine have sweet tooth? Skip that box of chocolates and get busy in the kitchen. Make an assortment of yummy treats and then put them in a pretty lined box. Fancy.