6 household products to repurpose

You’re the queen of multi-tasking, right? How about becoming the queen of multi-purpose? It will really help stretch your grocery and household budget.  With food prices increasing at a frenetic pace now is the time to get more out each grocery dollar.


Not only that, if you can think of ways to use what you’ve got- you are less likely to be inconvenienced if you run out of something.


You may already be using this one, but vinegar is possibly the best cleaning agent you have in your home. You can literally use it on everything- from your floors to your bathrooms to your kitchen counters. It’s also effective in removing stains and deodorizing.

To clean surfaces, simply dilute with equal parts water.

Olive oil

This liquid gold isn’t just heart healthy; it is good for your skin as well. You can use olive oil as a moisturizer or as a makeup remover. Just put on a cotton ball and wipe your makeup off.

Need a duster?

You have a few options laying around your house if you are in need of a duster. You can either use old t-shirts, that you’ve cut into strips or you can use used dryer sheets, which are very effective in drawing out dirt and dust.

Don’t call the exterminator (or buy those products)

Plagued with bug problems? You can get rid of ants by liberally sprinkling rock salt in the affected area. You can also get rid of pesky fruit flies by leaving a capful of apple cider vinegar on the counter.


Although this is probably a staple in your home (and it should be as it is cheap and versatile) did you know that you can also use pieces of spaghetti to light candles if you are short on matches.

Greeting cards

Everyone loves a great sentiment in a greeting card, but what about reusing some of the more beautiful ones as wall art? You can make a cool wall collage with 4×6 frames, which can be inexpensively purchased from the dollar store.