7 hotel hacks to save money

Travelling this summer? Here are some hotel hacks that can help you save money.

hotel hacks save money

Call hotels directly

You can often get the best prices by talking to the hotel staff directly. Talking to a live person also gives you an opportunity to negotiate.

Sign up for hotel rewards

Simply by joining a hotel’s rewards program, you are often eligible for a booking discount right off the bat. There may be other perks for being members (i.e. preferred room location, free WIFI, free parking, etc.). Be wary of rewards programs that aren’t free.


Do you belong to CAA? It’s not just for roadside assistance. Many hotels offer discounts (sometimes deep discounts) to CAA members. Be prepared to show your card when you check in.

Use your status

If you’ve got a rewards status with a certain hotel chain, see if you can match it with the hotel that you are staying at. They will often honour these requests, which mean discounts and perks for you during your stay.

Look for daily deals

Sites like Groupon and Dealfinder offer deeply discounted hotel prices. You usually have to pre-pay for your room. Sometimes you need to be prepared to be flexible and travel on non-peak days, but the savings can be worth it.

Book a hotel that includes breakfast

One of the biggest costs when traveling is food. Save by choosing a hotel that includes breakfast with your room rate. It’s even better if you have a fridge or even a whole kitchen. You can store snacks, make light meals or pack a lunch to go for when you are out touring.

Don’t pay for extras

Looking for a room with a view or more space? Wait until check in and you might be able to score it for free. If a hotel isn’t full, they might be willing to upgrade you for free.