8 Uses for Vinegar you may not have thought of

Next time you put a splash of vinegar on your fries or in your salad dressing, don’t put it back in the pantry. This versatile, non-toxic, low-cost liquid is the “multi-purpose” item you can use for dozens of different uses in your home. Of course, anything that can do double duty means getting extra mileage out of your household budget. vinegar-cleaning

Here are some ideas on how to use white vinegar that you may not have thought of.

Hardwood floors

You don’t need expensive polish for your wood floors (it streaks anyways). Mix equal parts vinegar with water and clean your floor with a microfiber mop.

Your feet

Don’t have the cash for a pedi, but would love to soften and soothe your feet? Soak them in vinegar for about 10-15 minutes and then exfoliate.

Odour removal

Smoker inside? Burned your supper? Skunk lurking outside your windows? No matter what the unpleasant smell, place bowls of vinegar around the room, and they will absorb the smell.

Clean the microwave

Baked on gunk in the microwave? Heat a bowl of equal parts water and vinegar (about 1 cup each) for about 3-5 minutes. Leave microwave door closed for about 10 minutes. The mixture will steam the dirt off and you can just wipe it off.

Price tag remover

Don’t you hate it when you take the price tag off something and the glue stays behind on the item? Gently wipe with straight vinegar and then use a straight edge (e.g. a credit card or a ruler) to remove.

Frosted windshield

Believe it or not, you can avoid having to scrape your windshield on a cold winter’s day by coating your windows with 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water before you go to bed at night.

Clean your computer

You touch your computer keyboard all day long, which means that it is probably rife with germs. How often do you clean it though? Dampen a toothbrush with a vinegar/water solution and scrub the keys and the crevices between.