A Charming Way to Update Your Wardrobe

ClosetWith the excitement of spring and summer almost upon us, it’s natural for fashionistas to get carried away on a cloud made of beautiful coral chiffon, draped in vibrant coloured denim, accented by jeweled statement necklaces and long, billowy handkerchief scarves….

See what happened there? It’s inevitable. It’s the most carefree time of the year with the shedding of parkas and boots and the laissez-faire of maxi dresses and beachy hair. All this hyping up has probably got you itching to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe – but sit tight, sweet friend! There are a few tips you can employ for your current wardrobe to keep it updated and trendy but frugal at the same time:


A bold necklace turns a white blouse and slacks into a simple yet trendy outfit. The blouse and pants you probably already own. Pick a necklace that has “pizzazz” but at the same time can be worn with any colour. Metallics are always great for this. Gold, rose gold, silver and even black/white-detailed necklaces are perfect and inexpensive ways to update a look.


Realistically, a bag is just something holding what’s truly important: your personal belongings. The downfall of handbags is that they’ve become so gorgeous that it’s turned into a women’s sport to buy as many as possible. Steer clear of this. Purchase bags in colours that are great for all seasons like tans, beiges, browns, etc. There is no logic in spending all your money on a purse if you have no money to put into it after.


Look for versatile and transitional pieces like blazers, jackets & shoes in the end-of-season sales. The best time to shop for next fall? Right now. Stores are trying to clear out old merchandise to make room for new spring/summer collections with sales. This leaves all the savings and deals ready for you!


Don’t buy into fads. One day leopard pants are all the rage and the next, they are strictly for the likes of Peggy Bundy. Style is knowing what works on your body and makes you feel comfortable and confident. When you’re shopping, look for pieces that will still look and feel great in a year. Withstanding the test of time is a sign of a true style-staple and only then, can you see the REAL value of your wardrobe. That zebra-print leather jacket hanging in the back? We’ll just call that a temporary lapse in judgement.

So get out there, my fabulous fashionistas, and make the most of your hard-earned money. It always pays to be frugal-literally- and you can still get all the ‘fash’ without blowing all your cash!