Alternative honeymoons for newlyweds

These days, newlyweds are celebrating their just-married lives while maintaining full-time jobs, dealing with work pressure, time constraints and the financial aftermath of paying for their own wedding. A lavish honeymoon sounds wonderful but realistically, some couples just do not have the budget to allow for them after the wedding and owning their first home. Luckily, there are ways to enjoy the bliss at a lower cost.

CampingA camping couple: Some people think camping may be a strange way to spend your honeymoon but being in a completely natural setting, surrounded by beauty is just as lovely as it sounds on paper. National parks like Algonquin are absolutely beautiful and secluded. Immerse yourself in nature and quality-time with your new spouse.


VolunteerBenevolent lovers: We have to consider ourselves lucky for all we have. A great way to show our appreciation? Volunteer for an international organization like Habitat for Humanity. You can travel to a variety of countries which provides you with a trip but you’re also giving back.


Road-trip romance: There is nothing wrong with taking a road-trip with your hunny. If you don’t have the time to leave for an extended period of time, pick your favourite getaway that’s in driving distance. For example, if you live in Ontario, you can drive to New York and spend a few days in the Big Apple with the apple of your eye!


TrainTrain-ride for true love: There is something romantic about the tradition of train-riding. Flying, driving and taking to the sea are all great options but taking the train is a quaint and ideal way for both of you to relax during the travel. You know what they say, “happiness is the journey, not the destination.”

How did you or would you like to spend your honeymoon?