Appliances that will save you money

You’re always looking for ways to save money feeding your family, right? Your focus is probably on your grocery budget- but did you know that there is another area that can help you reduce your spending?energy efficient

Here are some money-saving appliances that you may want to invest in, for strategic savings.

Single serve coffee makers

While coffee pods for single serve coffee makers are more expensive than buying ground coffee in bulk, it is much less expensive than visiting your local barista every morning. You also waste less by brewing only what you want.

For coffee connoisseurs, you can get some high quality java, while not coffee shop quality, is pretty darn close- for a fraction of the cost.

The Slow-Cooker

This classic is one that we’ve written about a number of times, and there is a good reason why.  Not only is this small appliance cheaper to run than the oven, it also lets you take advantage of less expensive cuts of meat and legumes which benefit from long periods of cooking in liquid. Savings all around.

And another bonus is the convenience of prepping in the morning and dinner is served when you get home.


When it comes to your dishwasher and your oven, look for the EnergyStar symbol. This means that your appliance is energy efficient, and will cost less to run.

Water filter

There are few more wasteful things than paying for bottled water.  Buy a filter (either to attach to your tap or for in the fridge) and get yourself a quality glass or steel water bottle. Reuse and save!

Soda maker

Does your family consume carbonated anything? A soda maker can make loads of the same product for a fraction of the cost. This countertop super star shows how DIY really makes a difference.

Rice cooker

Rice is one of the cheaper foods out there, and a rice cooker gives you a great hands-off way to cook it. You can also do one-pot meals by using a steamer basket on top, steaming meat, fish and/veggies.