Baby- It’s Cold Outside!

health-freezing-coldJanuary is hard. It is so darn cold outside, it is difficult to get motivated out of your cocoon and get the family outside- to do anything. Add to that the scarcity of extra cash for entertainment in post-holiday austerity, and January is just plain challenging.

Seemingly, the alternative is that you are all stuck within your four walls, which will no doubt result in a serious case of cabin fever.

What’s a cash-strapped, chilly January family to do to while away an afternoon? The good news is that hours of entertainment are right under your nose…

Get Active

Moving about will not only keep you warm- it will give you energy to conquer the day. Pop in a yoga or exercise DVD and do it as a family, or close the curtains, crank up the tunes and have a family dance party- complete with air guitar and bad singing.

Bring outdoor games inside

While you can’t bring back the summer heat, bring some of the games enjoyed outside inside and try to fool Mother Nature.

Using masking or duct tape, mark out a hopscotch course in the living room. Clear some area in the basement and use skipping ropes or throw the football around (after moving the furniture out of the way, or course).

Game on!

Blow the dust off board games and play them- with a purpose- tournament style!  Play games that can be done one-on-one, and rotate.


While never any fun, and always hard to find the time to do, purging your closets always feels good when you are done.

Have each family member attack their own room to find unwanted clothes, toys and books. A great by-product of this is that you will not only bring your organizational level up by a notch and clear up some space in your closet, but your kids may find some toys or books that they had completely forgotten about. Found toys are like new toys, and can mean hours of unexpected entertainment.

Hit the Kitchen

Turning that oven on not only contributes to the physical warmth in the house, it contributes to the sense of warmth through hearth and home.

Bake cookies or muffins and have the warm aroma fill the house. Make sure to eat them when they are warm!

Make dinner a family affair on a cold day, by choosing a meal that all family members can participate in preparing.

Little ones can help too with mixing and setting the table.

Paint a Mural

Tape up a wall with paper, and assign each family member a section to paint. Have a common theme, and each family member can tackle it in their own creative way.

One popular idea as the thermometer plunges- favourite memories of summer vacation!