Back-to-school? Not yet. But soon!

Back to schoolAlthough summer has only just begun, back-to-school is not that far off. And there is no time like the present to get busy budgeting for all of those back-to-school expenses now- so that you can keep the plastic use to a minimum.

Develop your plan

Make a detailed list of what you’ve got to get for each child and a ballpark cost for each item. Try to pick up a few items each pay period so that you’re able to spread the expenses out.

It’s only going to help you to do some of the clothing shopping now. Less crowds and more selection!

Back to school, back to basics

Within a few weeks, the stores will be stacked with back-to-school displays and bin after bin of all of the “essential” school supplies.

To start, get your kids stocked with a few basic necessities- like pens, papers, notebooks, binders, etc. etc. There is no reason that you’ve got to have everything you’ll need for the full year on the first day of school. Let your kids go to school for a few days to determine what they really need. Teachers will often supply a list of classroom needs within the few days.


If your child’s backpack or lunchbox is still in reasonable shape, consider trying to get another few months out of it.

Backpacks are very expensive, and that’s one of the items that people tend to buy, just for the sake of having something new to start the year.

Consignment city

Hit your local consignment stores now to see if you can supplement your wardrobe with some lower cost items. Selection will be greater now. Your kids are still going to want the latest and greatest, but if you can even pick up a few things, you’ll be coming out ahead in your overall clothing budget.