Be my Frugal Valentine?

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGAh… Valentine’s Day: a day to celebrate love – which incidentally, does not have to mean dipping deep into your wallet. Flowers, chocolates and other traditional Valentine’s accoutrements can really add up.

Once again, a little creativity and an open mind can go far to support your celebration, while keeping your budget intact. Romance is not expensive!

Indoor Picnic

Having a picnic with gingham tablecloths, leisurely spending an afternoon or an evening beneath the stars, sharing a bottle of wine and some delectable treats (and some meaningful conversation) is always a sure-fire date winner. However, given February’s generally harsh conditions, the picnic may be more enjoyable if moved indoors.

Spread out a tablecloth on the living room floor, set up some candles and break out the bubbly, along with an assortment of desserts, bread and cheese. Best part of this picnic? No ants!

Dancing with Your Star

Take an introductory dance class (many are free or discounted, to get you to try before you buy) together. Salsa? Ballroom? Heck, even give Hip Hop a try! This makes for an active, fun (and if you dance anything like my husband and I, giggle-filled) date.

Table for Two

You can still go out to celebrate, but consider going out for only a portion of the evening. Make a simple, yet romantic dinner for two at home, and then plan to go out for dessert or drinks.

You still get the experience of going out, but are saving most of the money that you would spend on dining out.

Cook together

Are you foodies? Take this opportunity to linger together in the kitchen, perhaps trying out some new recipes- splurging on a few indulgent ingredients.

The act of creating together is fun- and a great way to connect.

First time, best time

It may have been some time ago, but what did you do on your first date? Take a walk together down memory lane and recreate your first date. Bring along pictures and other memorabilia from the early days. It’s fun to look back and reflect on the past- and see how it works its way into the present and future.

Say “I Love You” in Different Ways

Instead of the old, tried-and-true Valentine’s card, insert messages of love inside of balloons and make a bouquet.

Make top-ten lists of your favourite things about your mate (and don’t be obvious). Be specific- and take the time to write things that are meaningful.

Write a love letter, or compose a love poem. If writing is not your strong suit, quote some song lyrics from a meaningful song, and explain why they remind you of your partner.

Film Festival

Curl up on the couch with some of the greatest romantic pairings for your viewing pleasure. Try The Notebook, Titanic, Say Anything, Casablanca or Pride and Prejudice. Don’t forget the popcorn!