Beauty on a budget

Beauty on a budget


When you are on a budget, one of the expenses that you might scale back on is your beauty routine. It’s admirable to sacrifice for the sake of your budget, but investing in a little beauty treatment or beauty products now and then is well worth it, because of the way they make you feel (and look), which can be a nice reward for your hard work.

Beauty on a budget

Rewards matter when you are trying to stick to your budget. They can motivate you to keep going. You’ve just got to be resourceful, because cosmetics and beauty products can be crazy expensive- but they don’t have to be.

Free Samples

Free cosmetic samples are fantastic and not just because they are free. They give you a chance to sample different colours and products without a larger investment. It also gives you a chance to include variety in your beauty routine.

You can often get samples directly from companies, or cosmetic companies will frequently give away samples with purchase.

Like that scent? Like this price

If you covet certain designer scents, buy the knock-off fragrance. Frequently, the scent is very similar but is a fraction of the price.

Gotta love the drugstore

While high-end beauty stores and salons are very stylish and provide a cool shopping experience, there is nothing wrong with stocking up your make-up at the drug store. Look for no-name brands and sale items. You can get a lot more for a lot less.

Not always, but sometimes the dollar store even has name brand cosmetics for sale. It’s worth a trip to check it out.

DIY spa

A spa treatment is luxurious and most certainly not under the necessary expenses (although a pedicure before sandal season almost falls into the “need” category, doesn’t it?). Cut the costs and DIY some spa treatments at home, like manis, pedis and facials.