Budget-friendly activities for Canada Day long weekend

Long WeekendHappy long weekend, everyone! This is the first official long weekend of the summer and while lots of people head up north to cottages, some of us are staying put. A ‘staycation’, if you will. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some money-savvy fun while we’re off from reality. Here are some budget-friendly activities to do with the family this long weekend:


Visit the local zoo on a family pass: These are great value and because it’s the long weekend, chances are you won’t get too many large crowds because most are away.

Plan a picnic at the local park: There’s nothing more apparent than people’s happiness and relaxed nature on a long weekend. We think people are generally nicer during those 3 days. Head out to your local park (or one that you really enjoy) and pack a picnic. Why pay restaurant prices when all you want is good food and friends/family?

The great Canadian hunt: Head to the dollar store and buy 10 small knick-knacks that are Canada-themed. Hide them around the house and have a scavenger hunt!

The Game Show: Play “game show”. Write a bunch of questions that have to do with Canadian facts about history, monuments, leaders, capitols, etc (stuff that they will have learnt by their age) and challenge them to a game ‘showdown’! Arrange prizes based on what they’d enjoy like making their favourite dinner or a “no chores this week” pass.

Fireworks time!: Almost all community centres, recreational centres or theme parks in your area will arrange to have fireworks on display this weekend. Head out to any of these locations for free and beautiful fun because who doesn’t like fireworks?

Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone! Oh, Canada!