Budget-friendly gardens

It’s nice having a garden but they can be a lot of time and money when it comes to purchasing flowers and maintaining them. Luckily, there are some tricks to making your garden look beautiful without burning through your budget. Here are a few to get your garden going in no time.


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Try meadow mixes: Meadow mixes are a smorgasbord of seeds all combined together. The seeds are those of wild flowers such as poppies, Shasta daisies and zinnias that do not require as much maintenance as other breeds of blooms. They are also much more cost-efficient when you buy them in bulk, such as the mixes, rather than buying individual seed packets.


FF- june 17 (1)Plant Hostas: Hostas, also referred to as plaintain lilies, are remarkable plants because they grow easily and are quite large. This takes up more room in the garden and due to their lush green leaves with light yellow shading in the middle, they act as a beautiful backdrop to flowers you’d like to stand out more.


FF - june 17 (2)Pick a few flowers to showcase: To add to the previous point, pick a few flowers that you love to stand out in the garden and fill the rest with easy-to-manage plants that won’t require much time or money from watering.



FF - june 17 (3)Rock gardens: They may sound ridiculous but a few lush green plants partnered with some larger rocks can be very rustic and aesthetically-pleasing in the garden. However, beware; rocks sold at garden retail locations can be very expensive.  Be picky with how much you’re willing to spend for a rock or try to find them throughout the year.  Have your friends and family to keep an eye out, too!



FF - june 17 (4)Plans for plants of the future: Come fall, retailers are looking to get rid of their garden stock so take advantage. Seeds are combined into mixes and sold in bulk which saves you a considerable amount of money and the hassle of running out to the store Victoria Day weekend of the following year. Furthermore, self-seeding flowers such as black-eyed susans drop their seeds while they bloom and the following year, if conditions suit them, they will bloom again. Pretty handy, don’t you think?

Flower-frugal friends, your garden awaits!

Images: mooseycountrygarden.com, HGTV.ca, seriouslyflowers.com