Budget wedding for wedded bliss

The holiday season is one of most popular times for couples to get engaged, which is perhaps why there is usually a bevy of bridal shows that take place in January.  Newly engaged brides can hit the ground running while their rings still have that brand-new sparkle.

Weddings are one of those events where spending can go from reasonable to outrageous without even blinking an eye. If you are newly engaged- congratulations! But let cooler heads prevail. Heavy debt can put a damper on that wedded bliss that awaits- and you don’t want to start your married life saddled with debt from your wedding.

Set a budget

The very first thing you do (after you’ve notified every one of your happy news, of course) is to set a budget. Set a timeline of when you think you want to have your wedding and work backwards.

Be specific with your line items in your budget (i.e. food, decoration, band, hall rental, clothing, travel, etc.). Then you have a better idea of what you’ve got to work with. Be careful not to create a budget with elastic bands though. You need to be committed, because wedding expenses are sneaky and they snowball.

Keep it small

The best way to reduce your costs? Keep the guest list small. There is no need to invite everyone you know. Not only will this make your day more intimate, you won’t be paying your wedding off several anniversaries from now.

The dress

Yes, your dress is the focal point of the day- but that doesn’t mean that the lion’s share of your budget needs to go towards paying for it.

Check out consignment stores, or place an ad for a gently used dress. You know it’s only worn for a few hours- and is a very pragmatic way to save money.


See if you can save costs in areas like décor, photography or cake by doing some of this DIY and enlisting the help of family and friends. Do you have a budding photographer in your midst? Do any of your friends constantly take pictures? Enlist them as your photographer. They might even do it for free as your wedding present!