Can’t afford a new outfit? Accessorize!

accessorizeLonging for a new outfit but can’t justify the extra spending? Get creative with accessories and re-invent what you already have.

It’s all about shifting the focal point in an outfit to make it seem different, and that is what well-placed accessories can accomplish


While shoes can be expensive in their own right, you don’t have to hit the designer stores to flank your feet with style. Discount department stores often yield great finds. You’ve got to check often, as stock rotates quickly.

It’s a Cinch

Get yourself a wide chunky belt and gather in a sweater over some leggings. A splash of colour reinvents the whole thing.

Or, use a brightly coloured scarf and loop in through your belt loops on your jeans.

The Classic Brooch

The brooch is not just for your grandmother or for heroines in your favourite Victorian novel. Brooches are elegant and eye-catching.  Seek out funky vintage ones. Smaller brooches can even be attached to a clip or elastic to make a really cool hair accessory.

The Jewels

Costume jewellery is inexpensive and can completely transform an outfit. You don’t have to invest in silver or gold either.

Check out fake gems like rubies, emeralds or even diamonds (cubic zirconia is a girl’s real best friend, contrary to the other saying) and layer up with necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Bag it up

A glitzy handbag clung over your shoulder may be the only accessory you need to alter your look. Steer clear of designer labels and search out a purse that is eye-catching in its own right, through bold colour, shape or print.

Hair & Makeup

While not an accessory outright, they do play a pivotal supporting role in how you look.  Invest a little in a new shade of lipstick or try wearing your hair a different way.