Cheap, fun New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is one of those notoriously (and unnecessarily) expensive evenings. There is always a lot of pressure to have a super-sized good time- which can often result in a lot of extra cost and extra headache (the day after as well!).

Truthfully, by the time New Years has rolled around, you are probably tapped out financially and party-wise. Here are some frugal, fun ways to ring in the New Year.

Block party

Ditch your line ups and waiting for cabs in the freezing cold, put on your favourite jeans and open the doors for your friends and neighbours. This is great if you’ve got kids too (no need for babysitters). The kids can go to bed upstairs, while you party on until next year downstairs (or at least until 12:01).

Have people BYOB and a munchie to share with the crowd.

Outdoor skating

This one may be a little tricky, given the mild temps of late, but there is nothing more exhilarating than rosy cheeks and little night time fresh air that comes with an outdoor skate.

Pack a thermos of hot chocolate (or something with a little more kick) and ring in the year in style.

Movie marathon

Have everyone in the family pick their favourite movie and watch them back to back. Get on your PJs, pop some popcorn (a lot of popcorn) and get ready to relax and unwind on your very own couch. New Year’s Bliss).

Go local

Every town worth their salt has some sort of local celebration. Bundle up, bring your lawn chair and head out to take in the celebrations. There is usually food and live music involved- as well as the chance to celebrate with a large group of people-all for free.