Cool Date Night, Despite January Cold

Happy ice skating winter coupleFor couples, we are sufficiently in that no-mans-land that is late January. Far enough away from the holidays to be removed from celebration- yet still far away events like Valentine’s Day to formally plan an outing or event.

Add to that the plunging temperatures and the fact that there is little (if any) extra cash during the month of January to divert towards extra pleasures, like Date Night, this time of year presents a bit of a couples quandary.

However, with a little ingenuity, you can grab your significant other and still enjoy each other’s company, while keeping your budget in check and throw off those winter doldrums!

Stay in

Wait a minute—aren’t we inside 90 percent of the time anyways?  Staying in for date night means placing a purpose on that time inside- and who said you have to go out for a date anyways?

The key is putting the time aside and making it special. Either wait until the kids are in bed—or if you are lucky enough to have family or friends that would be willing to take them overnight, then ship them off.

Plan to cook a special meal (maybe together), set a nice table and share some meaningful conversation.  If cooking isn’t your thing- then get takeout from your fave restaurant. While cooking yourself is cheaper, takeout is a less expensive option than dining out. You do save on things like tip and wine.

Regardless, in staying home, the best part, you accomplish a restaurant experience at a fraction of the price.

Bundle up and Embrace the Cold

If you can’t beat em’ join ‘em- and this applies to weather too. There are a myriad of fun activities to do outdoors that are cheap, fun and make for an excellent date.

Hit a local outdoor rink for some skating hand in hand. Rent or borrow snowshoes or get your hands on some cross country skis and go for a tour around local trails, complete with a back pack with a thermos of hot beverages and snacks.

Who says that tobogganing is just for kids? Hit your local hill, and race your partner to the bottom. Climbing back up is great exercise as well.

Movie Matinee

Is there a new movie out that you are dying to see, but find cinema prices prohibitive? Many theatres offer lower prices during matinees, and even lower prices during morning (prior to noon) screenings.

Hit the theatre and grab a light lunch together after- which is far less pricey than dining out at supper time usually.

Check out the Library

Your local library is not just for borrowing books. Many local branches run general interest series or workshops that are either free or low cost on topics that range the gamut from DIY stuff to genealogy to historical events or writing workshops.  They often have local authors come in for readings too. If this is up your alley, than the Library makes for a cheap- and informative date.

Inject a Little Summer

Does summer seem like an impossible memory at the moment? Consider doing some “summer” activities, even in the dead of winter.

Hit an indoor driving range with a simulator, and pretend that you are teeing off in July, or visit the indoor mini-putt to perfect your short game.

Visit your local wave pool (without the kids, a novel idea!) and pretend you are at a beach getaway.