Cutting Costs Can be Dangerous and Expensive. Beware

cutting_cost_450While cutting costs is always commendable when trying to maintain a frugal lifestyle, there are certain areas where you should never cut corners. As a rule, if it is going to compromise your safety, cause you discomfort or cost you more money in the long run, it is worth spending a little more in the moment.

There are times that a deal is no deal at all.


You spend a considerable amount of your life in bed asleep. While your body is at rest, it is repairing and recharging itself for the next day ahead.

A poor quality mattress will likely lead to low quality sleep. Similarly, you could cause yourself physical damage to your back and neck- which could lead to long-term health problems (and bills for treatment).

Mattresses have a life span, after which the coils go, and they are no longer supportive- something to consider when purchasing a used mattress.

Home Inspection

When you are looking to buy a house, you tend to focus on the layout and the finishes. You should be more concerned about what you can’t see- between the walls and beneath the ground.

Never elect not to have a home inspection to save on associated costs with buying a home.

If you waive a home inspection, you are responsible for what you buy- and frightfully, there could be substantial repairs just waiting (which could either be inconvenient or financially disastrous).

Many people just “use a friend” who knows their way around a house, or works as a contractor. Not to discredit their qualifications, but this is an instance where you are best to use qualified, accredited professionals- who will provide you with the best recourse, should something go wrong.


If you or your child plays a sport that requires protective equipment, head protection is no place to skimp.

Make sure the helmet fits snugly and is certified to (CSA) standard. Visors or cages should be well-attached, with no tears or breaks.

Make sure all the inner foam is still attached if buying used (some people cut this necessary protection out to make room for glasses, etc. not a good move).

Dish Soap

Believe it or not, you get what you pay for when it comes to dish soap.

In my experience, some of the no-name brands, and less expensive name brands don’t produce many bubbles-which in turn has you buying more bottles of detergent, which is actually going to cost you more in the long run.

Look for mid-to higher priced dish soap that offer concentrated formulas- which means you actually have to use less to get more. This is what you call “false economy.”

Baby Equipment

Having kids is expensive- no doubt, and this is one area where parents are always looking for a deal. However, there are certain items that involve daily use and could pose major risks if they are not up to code.

Car seats, for instance, have a life span, complete with expiration dates (usually around six to eight years). Check the manual that comes with it (and if there is no manual, don’t buy the car seat. No deal is worth that kind of risk).

The same sort of caution should be employed when seeking out cribs. Safety recalls are done all the time, so best to check with the Canadian Pediatric Society .

Make sure that mattresses fit properly too. Gaps can create safety problems.