Date Nights that Your Wallet and Your Significant Other will enjoy

bikeIt is a challenge to find time on our busy lives to devote to our relationship with our spouses or significant others. Add children to the mix, and time together reaches a whole other level of complexity. Throw in the constraints of trying to operate within a budget, and the possibilities seem distant. However, with a little ingenuity date night can (and should) be part of your relationship on a regular basis.


From a budgetary standpoint, one of the greatest barriers to stepping out is affordable babysitting.

Offer to exchange babysitting with another couple, which saves lots of money and likely gives you the option of going out more frequently.

Barefoot in the Park

There is nothing that conjures up images of traditional romance than a checkered tablecloth spread out under trees, sharing a picnic meal.  Pack a picnic and pick a scenic spot for a leisurely lunch or decadent dinner, making the great outdoors your restaurant of choice.

Share the Kitchen

Who says you have to go out to have a date? Plan a special meal at home for two, with a menu to match. Set the table with linens and some extra touches, like a nice centrepiece.  Involve both of you in the preparation of the meal, and enjoy the savory conservation while you engage in your culinary creations.

Fruity Fun

Visit a local orchard or berry patch for fun-filled afternoon of gathering your favourite fruit.  As an added activity, use the fruit you gather when you get home to bake a pie, or make some jam- which you can enjoy together to end the date.

It’s in the Stars

Pick a clear night and take some quiet time together to enjoy the night sky. If you are not already familiar, read up on various constellations so that you can really enjoy the view.  Bring items to make you comfy for a while (blankets, chairs) a bottle of wine and binoculars, and you have yourself a celestial date.

Something Sporty

Depending on the season and on your level of enthusiasm for all things sporty, make plans to do something active that you both enjoy together.

Lower cost sporty activities include playing tennis at your local park, going for a bike ride or for an outdoor skate at a local rink in the winter.

Get on the Wagon

Depending on the season, go for a hay ride or a sleigh ride. These are fun ways to cuddle up together in a different environment, while enjoying a scenic tour.

Face the Music

Love live music, but are put off by the high price of concert tickets? Check out your local pubs that host bands for a lower-cost live music experience. While many have a cover charge for live music, it is far less expensive than going to see a staged show in a concert venue.

The Browser

There is something delightfully leisurely about devoting an afternoon or an evening to wandering through a flea market or window shopping together.  You may find some treasures or sentimental keepsakes.  Browsing, wandering and chatting are a cool, laid-back way to spend time together. Complete the experience by grabbing an ice cream or a coffee while strolling along.