Dime-friendly beauty tips

make upLadies, you know looking as lovely as we do is not always easy and sometimes requires a bit of…ahem…outside help. We could spend money on our makeup but when there are so many tips for beauty at home that can do the same job but for a much lower price! Here are some of our favourite savvy beauty tips:



  1. Make your makeup brushes last a lifetime by washing them with baby shampoo. This allows them to last longer and it’s better for your skin also. Any generic baby shampoo will do, bottles usually range from $2-$4. Due to their gentle ingredients, they’re perfect for the fibers of your brushes.
  2. Skip the expensive exfoliates. Body exfoliating makes your skin feel great but purchasing a product to the job is a tad silly. With olive oil, salt or sugar and a bit of your favourite essential oil for scent-you have the same product at home. It’s also natural. If you have sensitive skin, these ingredients won’t put you out either!
  3. Skip the serums for fly-aways. If your hair is prone to fly-aways and you buy serums to tame the frizz, set them aside and leave them out of next month’s shopping list. Using a larger makeup b brush, spray a bit of hairspray on the brush and stroke it downwards over all of your baby hairs.
  4. You can go to your local high-end beauty store and buy a $40 lipstick or you can buy a less expensive brand in your favourite shade and make it last longer. When you apply your lip-colour, take a tissue and dab some powder on it. Then dab your lips with this tissue. The powder seals your lipstick making the colour last longer & stay off your teeth!
  5. Slather on some Vaseline and brush your lips. Wipe the excess off with a tissue and you’ll find noticeably smoother and crack-free lips underneath. No expensive lipbalm required.
  6. Want to add a bit of sparkle or colour to your skin for a night out? Add a bit of any old bronzer or sparkly eye shadow you may have laying around to a body cream.
  7. Skip expensive manicures and hair extensions. Using a prenatal vitamin contains essential vitamins like folic acid that promote the growth of hair and nails and give you a glowy sans baby-bump!
  8. Our last tip is simple and completely free: Get enough sleep. Give your body time to rejuvenate itself and you will look restful and bright when you wake up. Taking care of yourself is a sure-fire way to let your natural beauty show, including exercise and diet.

Do you have any frugal beauty tips to share? Post them in the comments & stay beautiful!