DIY Backyard Birthday Parties

backyard-birthday-partyChildren’s birthday parties are special moments to be treasured, but can also be a huge cost centre when it comes to the household budget. Parents also have to choose whether to outsource their party to a local indoor playground, gym or entertainment centre (pricey) or whether or not they want to host the party at their own home (usually less costly, but messy and hectic).

The beauty of the current season is not just the long days and the warm temperatures; summer effectively expands your entertaining space to include the outdoors. If it is feasible, a backyard birthday party can be fun, frugal and mostly contained outdoors, likely reducing the clean-up and/or chaos typically associated with at-home birthday parties.

Of course, it goes without saying that you are at the mercy of the weather, so make back-up plans for a rain date, or have some sort of shelter handy.

Camp Out

Whether your party is a sleep over or not, you can recreate the experience of camping, right in your own backyard! Pitch tents, make Smores (even if your campfire is the microwave) and tell stories. Go “fishing” (use magnetic fishing poles in a tub), or go on scavenger hunt.

Surf’s Up

Even if you don’t have a backyard pool, there is no reason that you can’t splash around in the backyard. Have a water-themed party, complete with water balloons, sprinklers and water guns. If you’ve been planning ahead, items like backyard waterslides are often available at the end of the season at a deep discount and promise hours of giggly good fun.

If you have a sandbox, then you also have the beach! Have a picnic lunch with frozen treats for dessert.

Ahoy Matey

Kids love the romance and the adventure of pirates and they translate nicely into your outside space. Have a treasure hunt, where X marks the spot, complete with treasure maps.  Dress up with eye patches (easily made) and make hats (cardboard) or tie colourful scarves around your head.

For invitations, make a “message in the bottle”.

Summer Olympics

Although it is not an Olympic year, there is no reason that the games can’t happen!  Have a number of “Olympic” games (you can have actual sports, like soccer, or have things like running races, obstacle courses and sack races). Have a medal ceremony (medals are easy to make with tinfoil and cardboard). Serve cupcakes that kids can decorate themselves with candies to make the Olympic rings.

Art Party

Kids love to paint and create, but it can be very messy- especially when there is a crowd. Set up a table outdoors, and let them paint galore. Get some fabric paint and have them paint t-shirts. Get rolls of paper and set them up easels (which can be paper taped on tables, walls or even trees) with finger paint or oils.

You can buy small canvases relatively inexpensively. Make paint palettes out of egg cartons and your young artists can each create their own masterpieces in a very inspiring outdoor space.