DIY budget décor

Feel like your home could use a spring makeover, but don’t have the room in your budget for renovations or redecorating? There are a number of DIY budget décor projects that can help spruce up your space without breaking the budget decor

There’s the door

It can be costly to paint a whole room, but painting a door (or several)  can create a focal point and provide a pop of colour for far less money. Another cool idea is to create a statement door, where you paint around the trim only.

Change your hardware

Long for a new kitchen? You can really modernize the space simply by switching out the hardware on your cabinetry. To complete the look, replace your plumbing fixtures with up-to -date models, which is less expensive than redoing the whole kitchen. A little bling goes a long way.

Nesting bowls

Nesting bowls aren’t just table top décor. You can easily convert them into funky shades for pendant lights. You simply hang them upside down and drill a hole in the bottom, big enough to fit snugly over the light and cord/hanging wire.

Staircase stencils

Want to create a really fun focal point? If you’ve got wood or laminate staircases, stencil a pattern on the riser portion of the stair. It can completely change the look and feel of a room, especially if it is in your front entry way- and the first thing you spot upon entry in your home.

Custom headboard

You can create a custom headboard for your bed, which can really alter the look of the whole room. Don’t worry if you’re not great at sewing. Simply take a canvas board and plug in nail head trim in whatever design you decide (a straight border is easiest).

Photo table

Has your coffee table seen better days? Fit it with a custom size piece of plexi-glass and then fill the tabletop with family photo, creating a really personal piece.