DIY Halloween costumes that won’t blow your budget

Halloween is downright scary. And we’re not talking about the ghosts and goblins. The costs associated with buying Halloween items can be scary- especially if you haven’t earmarked it in your budget. rubiks-cube

Candy and décor are pricey, but it’s the costumes that post the biggest sticker shock. In many cases, if you buy an assembled costume from a department store, you are looking at close to $52 for pretty flimsy material that you (or your children) or are only going to wear for a few hours.

It’s time to get DIY to craft costumes and save cash.

Here comes the bride

Does your wedding dress still fit? Is it vacuum sealed away, or could it use another night out on the town? You can go as an actual bride, or you can get a creepy wig and pale makeup and transform to the Bride of Frankenstein.

Meatballs and spaghetti

Is this a favourite meal in your house? Why not make this family fave into a costume for you or for your kids.

Paint Styrofoam balls with brown paint. Cut off ends of an unused string mop, or get white/cream coloured yarn. Wear a red shirt and attach pieces of string/yarn to the shirt, attaching meatballs strategically as well. Wear an upside down colander as a hat.

Bag of groceries

Take a large cardboard box (you’re going to wear it as a “bag”, so make sure it is appropriately sized). Cut both ends out so that you can step through. Make straps out of elastic to wear box over the shoulders. Glue to the inside of the box.

Glue gun on some plain brown packaging around the box. Decorate with grocery store logos, etc. and attach an actual grocery store receipt. Once you’ve got the box on, fill in the spaces around your shoulders with lightweight grocery items (or packaging) that will stay in place. Think cereal boxes, egg cartons, cookie boxes, chip bags, etc.