Don’t Forget Your Own Mom on Mother’s Day

Happy-Mothers-DayWith Mother’s Day just around the corner (May 11, to be precise) there is no time like the present to start thinking about how you are going to celebrate mom.

Chances are, you are a mom yourself- so you are looking ahead to how your family will celebrate you. But what about your mom?

It’s the Thought that Counts

Really. Your mom wants to know that you love her and remember all the hard work she’s put in over the years.

As any mom will tell you though, knowing that you really appreciate what she does is often reward enough. And she does not want you to blow your budget on her account. For real. Your financial success matters to you, so it matters to your mom.

Get Started

That said, you must do something to mark the occasion- and to celebrate it appropriately. The greatest threat to providing a stellar Mother’s Day gift, while being mindful of budget, is to plan and get out there.

Last minute shopping means impulse buying and spending more than you have to.

Give the Gift of You

When I say give the gift of you, I don’t mean with a big shiny bow around your neck (although theatrics make for fun gifts). There is precious little that is more valuable these days than time. And, chances are much of your time is occupied with work, kids and home responsibilities. There is likely little time leftover just to focus on your relationship with your own mother.

Does your mom need help with something, like shopping or gardening? Has she been wanting to try something new, but is still trying to find someone to do it with? Does she wish that she saw more of you or of the kids? Is she sporty? Looking for a bridge/dance/walking partner? Figure out how you can best give your mom your time in a way that will make her happy (and maybe help her get things done, or fill another need).

Write Her a Letter

The handwritten note has a certain nostalgic appeal-especially in today’s digital age.

Take the time and write your mom a note on pretty stationery, thinking back on some sacrifices she made for you when you were young, funny stories, or some lessons that you’ve learned from her (now in use as a parent).


There is no question, when sourcing out gifts, DIY is the way to go when trying to save money.

DIY gifts (even those that look decidedly DIY by kids) are completely acceptable on Mother’s Day, simply because of their inherent sentimental value- because of the time that went in to them.

As an adult though, your skill set should have expanded a little to cover off potential gift ideas for mom, beyond paper mache, and a macaroni figurine.

Make something that matters to her. Collect old photos and memorabilia, and compile a memory book- either from a specific event or associated to a theme (i.e. Christmas past, summer holidays etc).

Fill her freezer with meals. Pack an elegant picnic basket with nice wine and cheese, go for a stroll and enjoy some good conversation. Fill another basket with coffee and homemade baked goods, jams or jellies (throw in some nice printed napkins, which are very inexpensive, but are a nice touch).