Don’t let Halloween costs be scary!

Halloween is one of those holidays that it’s really easy to let your budget run away from you. Between the costumes, the candy and the decorations, costs can really add up. Here are some ideas to keep your Halloween spending un-scary.


The decorations

It’s creepy to think about how much you could spend at big box stores on decoration to scar-i-fy your house.  Your first stop should be the dollar store, where you can load up your cart to load up your house- for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.

Some quick fixes? Swap out regular light bulbs for ones that cast a red or orange glow. Cheap and spooky!

Also- if you are looking to carve pumpkins, your local grocer is often the cheapest spot to go. Don’t get it too far in advance either. There is nothing worse than going to carve your pumpkin to realize that it’s rotten!

The candy

In my household, we only buy candy we don’t like (yes, there is candy we don’t like). This is simply because the candy stash would get eaten by my sneaky family members before Halloween night, and then you’d end up buying candy twice.

Before you hit the stores, scour the internet and your local newspapers and flyers for coupons.  If the prices are comparable and you can’t find coupons, consider doing your shopping at a store where you’re going to get rewards or points, – at least getting more bang for your buck.

The costumes

Boxed Halloween costumes have to be the biggest cash grab around. Whether you know it or not, you’ve got a veritable treasure trove of costumes right there in your own home (maybe even in your own closet).

It’s all about being creative. Homemade costumes are way more cool- and are generally more hilarious (especially when you have to explain them).  Check out Pinterest for some inspiration.