Don’t Let Prom Drain Your Wallet

prom_datesAs school winds down for the year, plans for celebrations of all kinds begin. For you (or for someone you know) does this end-of-school season include a prom or graduation party?

Over the years, the costs of such events have absolutely ballooned from special event to over-the-top (that for some people is prohibitive). Don’t let the high costs of prom or graduation parties turn you into a wallflower. A little creativity can transform your evening from ordinary to extraordinary, without draining your wallet dry.

List Expenses

While much of the attention goes to the attire for the evening (i.e. the dress) there are additional costs that go along, like transportation, meals, spa services etc.

Once you start listing all of the potential extra expenses, you will identify exactly how much you need to accumulate. By the same token, you may identify some areas in which you can cut back.

Student Discount

If DIY hair and makeup are not your thing, consider visiting a beauty school, where students will perform your services, usually at a deep discount.

The skill set is usually pretty comparable to what you’d see in a salon with a junior stylist.

Start a “Prom/Graduation Fund”

If it is your child that is graduating, have them take some responsibility and earn some extra cash to contribute to prom or graduation expenses.

It can be small efforts- things like collecting loose change from around the house or doing extra chores here and there to earn a little extra money.

It’s all about equating value and spending with time associated earning.

Beg or Borrow

There is no reason that you have to purchase a dress that you are going to wear for just one evening. There are numerous services available that let you rent your attire.

Hit local consignment shops. Ask friends or family if you can cruise through their closets to see if there is anything suitable.

Save on Accessories

Maybe the dress is the focal point- and you can slash your spending in other areas- like shoes and jewellery?

Check out costume jewellery shops, where bling and baubles are far less expensive.

For shoes, you needn’t go all designer and pay designer prices. Check out consignment stores, or buy an inexpensive pair of strappy sandals and get crafty with appliques or press-on jewels from the dollar store.

True- this DIY footwear will not stay intact forever, but will let you dance the night away without worrying about an empty wallet.

Home Spa

Don’t pay huge spa prices for a mani-pedi, which can be accomplished at home DIY, for a fraction of the cost.

Gather girlfriends together for this part, and make it a home spa party.