Dreaming of warmer destinations?

Warm destinationNot to keep harping on the weather, but I’ve always had a longstanding disagreement with dark, dreary November (as I imagine everyone else does too).

Literally the minute I have to get snow boots out (I’m a flip flop girl until the frost comes- and I resent having to put them away), I start spending a possibly inappropriate amount of time dreaming of being somewhere warm- and planning our next vacation.

It’s not just wishful thinking (or procrastination. Well, maybe). Planning now for a vacation months away is actually a good idea. So surf those travel sites and feel like you are doing your part to balance your budget (and distract yourself from the plunging thermometer).

Time to Save

If you can pick a destination now for travel months from now, you have enough time to put cash aside and pay for your vacation in good budgetary conscience.

When you are planning your vacation budget, take into account when and where you like to go- but also remember things like food, gas, parking, toll charges, attraction tickets, etc. etc..

Subscribe to Travel Sites

I’m a self-professed “serial” travel site subscriber. Not only do you get to see lovely pictures of exotic locations and interesting attractions, you can really, seriously save some money on travel. I’ve booked many trips through sites with specials, and have saved a substantial amount of money in doing so. Sign up so that offers come to your inbox.

These sites aren’t just for travel either. They cover off local entertainment too- and you might get a sweet deal on an NHL game, local restaurants or area attractions.

My faves are Travelzoo and Jetsetter.

The Early Bird…

Many travel companies offer early booking bonuses (which either take the form of a steep discount, or extras like a free hotel night, rental car, meal voucher etc. etc.) if you are willing to book early.

You often don’t have to pay the full amount (often true for package vacations) right away, but instead have to put down a down payment, and pay the rest 60 days prior to departure.

This gives you time to save up, but also take advantage of “right now” deals.