Expecting a baby? Expect the expenses

Expecting? Having a baby will change your life and enrich it in ways you haven’t thought possible. By the same, token, having a baby will change your life financially in ways that you may not be expecting either.

Less money, more expenses?

Unless you or your partner are one of the lucky ones that get maternity or paternity benefits topped up by your employer, you can expect to have a bit of a temporary pay cut. Additionally, you’re going to have some more expenses, like diapers, baby food and equipment too. Babies are cute- but wow, they are expensive!

The equipment

While you may feel like running to Toys R Us and clearing the aisles as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test, you are better advised to approach your baby equipment needs in a more gradual way.

Plan to get what you need month to month, as is age appropriate and budget for it. Also, to save on costs, you don’t need absolutely everything. For instance, instead of buying a change table, buy a change pad to use on a dresser or the bed.

Also buy used when you can- but always check safety recalls and expiry dates on the items. Car seats are one item you may want to buy new for this reason.


Breast feeding is heavily advocated because of health and (for our purposes here) cost benefits. However, breastfeeding is not always possible. If you are going to be buying formula, consider buying no name instead of name brand.

Whatever your formula of choice is, go to the manufacturer website and sign up for coupons.


Don’t bother with a diaper bag-which is more accessory than utilitarian tote these days anyways. Haul out a backpack with many pockets. It does the same thing, and you’ll be happy to have your hands free. Trust me.