Father’s Day: Show Dad that You’ve Learned his Lessons on Finance

family-father_2_kidsSome, but not all, dads are famous for their…ahem.. budgetary management- or shall we say reluctance to open their wallets.

Show dad that you’ve learned some of his lessons of responsible money management and the ability to be creative when you plan how to honour him this Father’s Day.

Thought that Counts                                                                                                                

Even though it’s somewhat trite, in this instance it is absolutely true. Your dad would want nothing less than for you to blow money unnecessarily on lavish gifts and celebrations- for the sake of them.

Get thoughtful, creative and show dad that he is important- but that you share mutual respect for the budget.

Plan Ahead

The greatest threat to keeping your budget intact? The pressure of last-minute shopping, where you are scrambling to get something (anything) before the clock runs out means higher spending, and likely lower satisfaction with the item- potentially. Convenience equals expensive, usually.

Think ahead. What does your dad want or need? What can you afford?

Give the Gift of Yourself

No.. not with a shiny bow wrapped around you. Perhaps the most precious thing in our lives today is time (or lack of it).

How might your dad treasure the opportunity to spend an afternoon together doing something he enjoys ?

Does your dad need any help around the house? Roll up your sleeves and help him with the yardwork, small home repairs, etc., etc. This costs nothing but a little elbow grease, and is muchly appreciated.

Sibling Rivalry

Are you an only, or do you have siblings in the same predicament at the moment. What to do to celebrate dad?

Consider banding together with your siblings, either for a group gift, or a group outing or celebration, meaning that you can split the bill-but still give a sizeable, usable gift.

Choose your Time Wisely

If you are looking to eat out, or host a meal, choose breakfast, brunch or lunch over dinner. Meal costs are lower and people are less likely to consumer alchol, which has a sneaky way of inflating your bill at the end of the meal.

Consider even meeting after a meal (or between) for a drink- or for dessert and coffee. It’s not what you are consuming during your visit that matters- it is the conversation and the time that you are spending together.

The same goes for things like movies. Not the same ticket prices apply to all showings. Usually those before noon are a fraction of the price of those in the evening.

Don’t Forget Hubby

When your kids are small, Father’s Day is a crafty, DIY extravaganza. Help the kids make cards, crafts and gifts, that are real treasures.

As for your gift to your husband, give him two gifts. Plan something memorable with the children-to celebrate fatherhood- and give him some downtime to himself, so that he can hit the golf course, swing in the backyard hammock etc. guilt-free for a few hours. That’s gold… and low-cost!