Finding the real deal on Black Friday Weekend

For shoppers, the most exciting days of the year are approaching with Black Friday weekend; for shoppers who covet or crave the best deals, these days can be crucial in getting the most for your

However, a deal is only a deal if you can spot it and if you ultimately get the item that you’re after. Here are a few helpful reminders on how to make the most of Black Friday weekend.

Research the deals

If you’ve got an item in mind, make sure that you do your homework before you go out. Ideally, you’ve been eyeballing items for a while, so you’ll be able to recognize a sizeable discount if you see one.

You’ll want to comparison shop several stores to see who has the best deals. Don’t just plan your purchases based on price. Look up consumer ratings and reviews. It’s not a deal if the discounts are being applied because it is of low quality, meaning that you’ll have to repair or replace the item that you’re seeking out.

Read the fine print

Nothing will blow apart a deal like getting your purchase home and finding out that it’s not suitable for whatever reason. Can you return it for a refund? What is the time frame? Is it for cash back, exchange or store credit?

If you are shopping online, are you responsible for shipping return fees?

Picture this

Don’t rely solely on the picture of an item, whether it is online or if you are physically getting something off the shelf. Double check model numbers.

Play it safe

Your deal will quickly become very expensive if your purchase makes you victim to identity theft. If you are shopping in the store, make sure to keep your credit card safe and out of sight. Cover your hands while inputting your PIN number.

Online, only buy from vendors that you trust and that post easy accessible privacy policies.  Always look for secure websites that start with https://  at the beginning of the website address to keep your identity safe.