Five healthy cheap eats

Sometimes it is shocking how much that bill rings up to at the register at the grocery store. And if eating healthy is a top priority for your family (and it should be!) sometimes it seems like you come home with less for the same amount of money.

You don’t necessarily need to spend more to eat healthy. You’ve just got to be creative!

Fresh vs. frozen

Why not stock up on bags of frozen veggies? They are often less expensive than fresh produce in the winter months and carry much of the same nutrition. They are also super convenient. Having  a stir fry? No need to chop all those veggies- just open the bag and throw ‘em in.


Eggs are nature’s super food. They’re very inexpensive and pack a serious nutritional punch. One night for supper, instead of meat and potatoes, consider an omelette or frittata and use up the leftovers in the fridge.


If you were going to pick a fruit as your go-to, the banana would be a good choice. Inexpensive and healthy, this fruit is one of the best sources of potassium around (your heart will be happy).

And there’s no waste! If you don’t get to eat the bananas before they spoil, freeze them and make banana bread or muffins.


A can of low-sodium baked beans is a winner lunch on a cold day. Save even more money by preparing your legumes from scratch. It’s pretty easy too. You just soak overnight, and simmer about a half an hour until they are tender. Then you can throw them in the crock pot with sauces or just throw them into soups and salads for extra protein.

Lentils, black and navy beans are my protein-packed faves.

Feta cheese

Feta cheese will give you calcium and protein, but it is also extremely high in the flavour department. What this means is that you generally only have to use a little to get a lot of flavour. Use less, pay less!