Five ways to have a cheap date (night)

With Valentine’s Day this month, you may have blown the budget already on gifts and chocolate, but there is no reason that you have to limit your romance to one day a year. When trying to stick to a budget, spending on entertainment is usually the first on the chopping block, which is decidedly un-romantic. With a little frugal forward thinking you can include date night on a regular

Window shopping

This is retail therapy’s less expensive cousin. You can wander arm-in-arm and admire items with your significant other and dream about them. It’s free and can be lots of fun. Make an event out of it by grabbing a good coffee or an ice cream to savour while you stroll.

Mini golf

Green fees at your local course got you putting your clubs away? Mini golf is super fun and surprisingly challenging. Great for your short game! There are also lots of indoor courses so you can choose this option no matter what the season.

Support local comics

Comedy clubs can be quite inexpensive, especially if you go to the early show, watch students from an improv class e.g. Second City or select an ‘up-and-coming’ comic rather than a headliner for a show. Improv shows are very funny and usually affordable. And what’s better than an evening of laughter with your mate?

Pack a picnic

You can alter this idea, depending on the season. In the winter, plan a skate, snowshoe or walk through the woods, followed by some hot chocolate in a thermos and some treats. In the summer, hit the local park or the beach with yummy sandwiches and sparkling water or wine.

Happy hour

Going out for an evening of drinks can drain your wallet. Get clever and find out when and where local happy hours are happening.  You can have an early evening, complete with cocktails and snacks for a fraction of the price.