Five Ways to Make Couponing Work for You

IMG_0620You may include couponing already as part of your budget-keeping routine, but do you feel like you are really maximizing on your savings? Do you lose interest or run out of steam early in?

Truthfully, couponing may be one of the greatest tools available to save money. But it takes time, organization and some proactive shopping to really reap the benefits. Extreme couponing aside, even the most casual use can make your shopping dollar go further.

However, many shoppers start out with great intentions, but often don’t follow through with couponing as a shopping habit. Here are some couponing behaviours that may help.

Read the Fine Print

Before you take the time to clip coupons, make sure that you have read the fine print. Are there rules surrounding the purchase of the item or service, that are not overly obvious? Double check on things like expiration dates, dates of use, multiple purchase items, lower price items or store exclusions.

Know that the fine print extends beyond the manufacturer coupon and make sure that you familiar with store policies (particularly those which you frequent most often) on coupon redemption. Make sure you are shopping smart.

Know what the Price is

It is important to know what the potential savings are when you enter into a store. For instance, if you see a coupon for “$5.00 Off Product XYZ”- that may catch your eye, but are you really saving any money? What is the original price of the product?

If you have trouble determining what the product actually sells for, chances are the savings are not as substantial as they may seem.

But it’s Already on Sale

Sometimes people skip the coupons if an item is on sale. Unless there are restrictions, you should apply whatever coupons, wherever and however they are applicable.

Deep discounts can be made deeper by adding coupons against the sale price!

Stack em’ up

To the same end, stack those coupons up at the checkout. Again, unless there are restrictions (like one coupon per purchase), stack those coupons up to derive multiple savings on a single item.

Get Online

Part of the great deterrent in coupon shopping is the time it takes to source out and clip coupons.

The great news is that you can sit still, and have all of the savings delivered right into your inbox.  Have a favourite product or service? Subscribe directly to the manufacturer for coupons.

You should also get familiar with couponing sites, where someone else does the legwork for you. There are loads of them around, just google and find the ones that suit your product and geographical needs.