Frugal Family Fun

cardboard-box-fort-1Is the cold weather keeping you and your family housebound? Are your kids going stir crazy? During the dreary days of fall and winter, it’s always nice to come up with fun activities that you can enjoy with your children. It’s even nicer if the activities don’t cost a lot of money!

Here are some ideas for thrifty fun that will keep your family entertained indoors:

Create a family portrait:

Let your kids become artists by drawing their own family portraits. Frame the pictures and hang them for all to see, adding a new one each year. Copies of the portraits also make great holiday gifts for relatives. Your children will feel so proud!

Host an indoor beach party:

When the wind is howling and the temperature has dropped, surprise your children with an indoor beach party. Decorate your living room with photos, seashells and a poster-board sun. Turn up the music, have a hula hoop or limbo competition, and play balloon beach volleyball. You can even make fruit smoothies with cute umbrellas!

Build a blanket fort:

Helping your kids build a fort with blankets and chairs will become a great family tradition. Get inside the fort and tell stories around a make-believe campfire while snacking on hot dogs or marshmallows. A blanket fort can be even more fun by having a sleepover with friends inside it!

Go on a treasure hunt:

Think of some unusual spots around your home, or plant some treasures in rooms and on shelves. Then make a list of the objects and have your kids go on a treasure hunt. If they can’t yet read, draw sketches of the hidden items. You can even give out prizes at the end of the hunt to create extra excitement!