Frugal picnic fun

Frugal picnic fun for your family this summer!

One of the real benefits of summer is the ability to brown bag it in style with a picnic. Here are some ideas on how to make your picnic memorable.

frugal family picnic

The picnic date

Has your budget forced you to forgo date night? Why not head outdoors with your significant other for a picnic date? Pack a blanket, a bottle of wine, glasses, a corkscrew, crispy bread and a selection of cheeses. It’s the perfect complement to watching the sunset or looking at the stars.

The family picnic

Gather your extended family together for a picnic. Decide first on your venue (many parks have picnic facilities) and find out about any booking requirements.

For a large picnic like this, a potluck is definitely the way to go. Divvy up the dishes and don’t forget things like utensils, plates, knives & cutting boards. If you are using a public facility, make sure you bring garbage bags to get rid of your own garbage.

Beach picnic

Pack your picnic for the beach wisely to keep your family cool on the beach. Pack lots of water-dense fruit, like melons, cherries and grapes. Think finger foods as opposed to sandwiches (especially ones made with mayonnaise, which runs a risk of spoiling in the heat as the day goes on). Pack bottles of partially frozen water in your cooler, which will thaw as the day goes on and then you’ll have cool water on hand.

Road trip picnic

If you and your family are hitting the open road this summer, one of the ways to make your family vacation more affordable is to include a road trip picnic. Stopping at a picnic spot is decidedly more scenic than a roadside fast food joint and is also more cost effective.

Make sure that you’ve got lots of ice packs (as opposed to ice) to keep food cool and dry while you are travelling. Fill large Ziploc bags with snacks (chips, cereal, nuts, cookies etc.). For your main dish, prepare sandwiches before you leave or even pre-package sandwich fixings and let everyone prepare their own.