Frugally Fit: You don’t need the gym

runningYou already know the facts. Exercise is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Problem is that exercising can be costly- especially if you associate exercise with expensive gym memberships or equipment.

Ditch the Membership

I personally haven’t belonged to a gym for years- and no, not because I’ve been avoiding exercise.  I quickly realized that for me- having to take a trip to go exercise meant extra excuses not to go.

I found it far more effective- both financially and physically to do exercise that is low-cost and convenient.

Set up at Home

You may imagine a home gym as an expansive room with walls of mirrors and cardio machines. Not so.

If you’ve got a spare corner, you can stack a few weights or a yoga mat. Make sure you’ve got room to move, and you are good to go.

Stock up on exercise DVD’s or download some of your faves online.

Get Out!

Perhaps the cheapest and most convenient form of exercise is running (or walking, depending on your fitness level). All you need is a supportive pair of shoes and somewhere to go.

Don’t let the cold weather that is coming deter you either. Running/walking in the winter can be exhilarating. Make sure to dress warmly in layers and to watch for slippery sidewalks.

Get Classy

Your local recreation centre may offer classes and exercise opportunities at a reasonable cost (often far less than a private gym).

The beauty of this is not just the budget-friendly aspect, but also the chance to try out different forms of exercising- which can be helpful if you’re caught in an exercise rut.

Go Clubbin’

No- not out dancing in your teetering high heels (although that is decent exercise in and of itself).  Join a group or an association that is centered around fitness. Cross-country skiing, biking, hiking or run clubs abound- and are often free, or low cost.

You can make friends and be fit all at the same time!