Get Ready for the Spring Clean!

springcleanWhile the temperatures may be staying chilly, and decidedly un-spring like, you may be itching to get going on spring cleaning- which right now could be a well-placed symbolic move against winter!Spring cleaning is a great, productive tradition, but it can also be tempting to run out and spend loads on new cleaning products and devices. So, in preparation for the big clean, a few points to consider:

Get Organized

Before you even lift a finger to clean anything, go through drawers and closets- in bedrooms, bathrooms, linens etc. and re-organize. Purge your belongings from items that made it through the entire season without use.

By paring down beforehand, you are streamlining before you clean, making the process more efficient.

Don’t forget the junk drawers in your kitchen/office/hallway tables. You might even find some forgotten coupons for cleaning products!

Fashion to function

There are loads of items lying around your home right now that can actually serve another purpose beyond what they were intended, all the while saving you money.

Save money on disposable paper towels and use old t-shirts and dishtowels for dusting or for cleaning. Towels are particularly useful for polishing up hardwood floors, which may have taken a beating during the winter from salt and sand.

Clean the Fridge

Good-bye old condiments! As unhelpful as waste is to maintaining a budget, cluttering a fridge with unwanted items will only contribute to more spending.

A well-stocked (not over-stocked) fridge will keep items at the proper temperature, and reduce likelihood of spoilage from the wrong temp.  It will also cost less to keep items cool

Although it is obvious, it is helpful if you can see the items in your fridge- especially when it comes to making your grocery lists- especially when you are on a budget.

Not Just for Your Fries

There may be no more versatile (and comparatively inexpensive) item in your home at the moment than white vinegar.

Vinegar and water can be used to clean just about any surface, including glass, countertops, tile and floors.

No Name Brand

If you are intent on stocking up on new cleaners, opt for no name brands, which are usually sitting right next to your favourite name brand on the shelf. They are a fraction of the cost, usually come in the same amounts, and yield similar results- all the while keeping more cash in your wallet.

Baking Soda

Another product in your home that can do two (or more!) things at once! Sprinkle baking soda on carpets before vacuuming to absorb odours and make rooms smell fresh.

To clean out your dishwasher, or give your washing machine a fresh smell, sprinkle baking soda inside, followed by a generous dose of white vinegar. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, and then run a rinse cycle.

Baking soda, mixed with water into a paste, is good for cleaning tile grout as well (although this is a hands-and-knees job, with a trusty toothbrush!)