Getting through the clutter: The 3-day theory to get you organized

Keep calmThe de-cluttering process is not one that people enjoy; however, the end result is never disappointing and always rewarding. When a family has a basement, they are more likely to hold on to unnecessary things that could easily be parted with.  Start with this post and then get started.

  • Set a timeframe for when you want/need the basement to be cleaned by. Three to four days is usually a good goal, or doing it over one entire weekend. One weekend for an entirely new lease on space is a small price to pay! Make a schedule to keep you on-task.  For example:

Day 1 + 2:

-Create “Toss, Keep & Donate” piles. Take two full days to go through everything in the basement and determine what is worth keeping, throwing away or in good enough condition to give to a less-fortunate family. Arrange with your local donations organization ahead of time, they often pick up donations from your house.

-Put donations in a box and throw away “toss” pile at the end of day 2. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Day 3:

-Dedicate day 3 entirely to organizing what is left. Employ the use of containers and clear storage boxes so that you won’t have to rummage through to find what you’re looking for. While you’re organizing possessions into boxes, write down everything you’re putting inside. Keep that piece of paper and tape it to the top or lid of the box. If you’re stacking these boxes, tape the list to the side that will be visible to you after stacking. Next time you’re looking for something, all you need to do it check the list J

  • Tip: Get creative with things that you have lying around. Last week we covered “upcycling” on Frugal Frieda and de-cluttering provides a wonderful opportunity to do just that. If you can create a new piece or take the time to restore a weathered one, you save yourself the cost of buying something new
  • Suggestion: Feel like making some quick cash? Organize a community sale for items you think can be loved by another. This will be easier if you have the space of a driveway, setting up a second location can be tricky. While it’s always good to donate, there’s nothing wrong with letting your ‘trash’ be another man’s treasure.
  • If you don’t have much left to keep after the de-cluttering process, throw what’s left into a trunk or functional piece of furniture. Never underestimate the work of a good dual-purpose piece. The price of 2 pieces for 1.

Now keep calm & de-clutter!