Getting your house ready for winter

Getting your house ready for winter

While the air is still relatively warm, the calendar says that winter is just around the corner. Take some time now to prepare your home for winter’s chill (and potentially larger energy and repair bills). Besides, it is much nicer to do this work outside in your shirtsleeves than in your snowsuit!

Draft dodging

While everyone loves a breeze on a warm summer day, you won’t love it in January and the breeze is flowing in through poorly sealed windows and doors. Investigate your windows and doors for signs of damage.  Make sure they are airtight (this is an easy fix with some caulking).


Bring the A/C in

Do you have a window air conditioning unit? While they are heavy and a pain to move, it’s well worth your while to bring them inside during the cool months. Again, it goes back to creating an airtight seal around your windows to keep the heat in and the cool out.

Tree trimming

And we don’t mean the holiday kind! Do you have any trees on your property that have growth or branches that are dangerously close to your house and/or power lines? While this may seem harmless in the summer months, a good dose of freezing rain or a howling winter storm could bring these branches down causing damage to your home.

The tune up

When is the last time you had your furnace checked out? It’s worth having done, to make sure that you are maximizing your energy efficiency (the more efficient, the lower your bills. Yay!).

An added bonus? You might get a deal now, pre-season and not have to wait as long to see a technician.

Are you ready?

Do you have a winter emergency kit? If a storm knocks your power out for days (and this does happen!), you’ll be well served to be prepared. Now is the time to stock it and stash it. Include a first aid kit, flashlight with batteries, battery-powered radio, drinking water, candles and non-perishable food items.