Happy Birthday to Me!

happy-birthday-letter-15Isn’t it time to give yourself a present for your birthday?

With a little research and foresight, you can really leverage the anniversary of your birthday to score some sweet free stuff!

Clubbin for Treats

Some of your favourite food retailers are happy to help you celebrate your birthday with a free treat, meal or other item.

They generally require you to join one of their “clubs” (which means you sign up for their mailing list), where you provide your birthday, and they send you a coupon.  Booster Juice (free smoothie) and Dairy Queen (free blizzard, Boston Pizza, Denny’s, Jack Astor’s, Panera Bread are Pizza Pizza are some that do this- and there are more! Just sleuth around.

Treat Yourself to Dinner

Some chain restaurants are more than happy to lure in the birthday girl (or boy) with the promise of free dinner (or appetizer, or dessert). They are of course more than happy to have the business of your party guests as well.

Depending on where you live, there are several chains that try to get in on the birthday action.

Mother’s Tucker’s Marketplace offers a free buffet to the birthday person. Tony Roma’s and Pizza Delight offer a free meal with ID. East Side Mario’s, The Keg and Swiss Chalet (and a host of others) offer free dessert (as well as a rather painful birthday song, so be prepared). They just require that you notify the server when you arrive about any birthday celebrant.

Don’t Ask, don’t get

Does the thought of hitting a chain restaurant on your birthday lack a unique appeal that you crave for your celebration?

Go to your local eatery, watering hole or coffee shop and ask if they do anything for birthday celebrations. Chances are (especially if you are a regular), they would be more than happy to throw a little something your way.

Things like that at smaller establishments are generally not advertised, so you probably have to ask and be direct.


Are you a yoga enthusiast? Fitness buff? Often your studio or gym will let you have a free class (or bring someone with you for free) on your birthday (and these offers are usually extended through your birthday week- so you don’t have to be pressured to use it on the day).

It’s also a chance for you to try out something new.