Holiday volunteering: get the whole family involved

While your kids are busy compiling their gift lists, there exists an excellent opportunity to teach them values around the value of money. It’s the perfect season to get the whole family involved in volunteering, with many groups and individuals in special need at this time of year.

Not only will you do good deeds for someone else, you can really teach your kids hands-on about how much money is worth-literally and figuratively.

Charity begins at home

Sit down with your kids and brainstorm about what it means to volunteer. Talk about the idea that you are giving of your time, free of charge. Explain how much you would make at your paid job in the equivalent time frame. This can be an eye opener, for kids young and old.

Talk too about what causes and charities are interesting to them and then move on to your plan to support.

Help your neighbour

How about helping those right there in your community? Ask elderly neighbours if your family can assist with things like snow removal or groceries. You can help with pet care, or even just give a few hours of your time visiting. People get lonely around the holidays and can use the company.

Caroling for cans

Are you a family that relishes the sing-a-long? Gather a group and go around the neighbourhood caroling, collecting food for the food bank along the way. Alternatively, host a Christmas party, where the price of admission is either canned goods or money.

Soup’s on!

Go as a family and assist at a soup kitchen over the holiday season. Their traffic increases and so does their need for help. It will do well for your children to see those really in need, receiving their help directly. It’s a positive eye opener- creating gratitude and cultivating the desire to help through awareness.