Home Makeovers: The Budget Edition

home decorIs your home décor in vast need of a makeover? Do you feel that you can’t spend one more minute surrounded by your current design (or lack thereof), but simply do not have room in your budget to allocate?  Here are some tips to re-invent the space in which you live to make them fresh, habitable, and even stylish!



Start Small for Big Results

While you may feel the urge to makeover your entire home, that may be too costly. Even concentrating on one room or area can yield big results. Typically, to begin  pick a high-traffic area (like the master bedroom, bathroom or family room), simply because you are going to see the room the most often, and will feel the most positive impact from the design changes you’ve tried to implement.

Inspiration is everywhere

Generally, most successful plans start with a clearly articulated strategy. Design is the same. What sort of effect do you want to generate? One way of maximizing results is by sketching out the room, or by listing items in it that could use freshening up. Typically, for the sake of longevity (and to be mindful of budget), it is most effective to include a neutral palate and elements (you will tire of loud colours faster than understated ones). Comb through design magazines and surf home channels to see what’s current, but don’t forget that you are surrounded by potential design and décor everywhere- even with items that you already have. It is all about re-purpose.


Nothing re-creates current space like a splash of fresh colour. This has the effect of changing the complexion of a room, and can completely change both the look and feel of an area. When you DIY, and watch for sales, you can utilize this décor tip quite cost-effectively. Sometimes, to save extra money you can take advantage of discontinued stock or colour. Ask for help from sales staff in the store. They can help you pick colours and also guide you towards their best-priced product, even if it is not on the shelf.

Pick a Focal Point

When you are working with a minimal budget, it may be a better idea to focus cash and attention on enhancing a single object or aspect of a room. While you may not be doing the room from top to bottom, you are encouraging the eye to frame the room in a certain context, which can have much of the same effect. Think of things like unique items of furniture, fireplaces, shelving, light fixtures or artwork. While your focal point does not have to be the largest item in the room, it should be the most visually interesting.

Bring the Outside in

Play with natural light in a room, by cleaning windows, and pulling back drapes and shades. Consider hanging mirrors, which will both reflect the light in the space, and have the effect of making a small space feel larger. Head outside and incorporate natural elements in the décor like tall grasses, twigs or flowers.


Much like when putting together an outfit on a budget, accessories carry tremendous importance and can lend versatility, shape and visual interest to a room. Less expensive items, like candles, throw pillows and area rugs, draperies and simple light fixtures can have real impact for minimal cost.

Wall Art

One of the best tools a budget decorator has in their kit is wall art, mostly because frames are often inexpensive and the contents are limitless. Enlist the family by having children paint and create colourful pieces, or collage family photos. Use inexpensive greeting cards or postcards in smaller frames, stacked mosaic-tile style on walls.  Use bits of wallpaper or fabric (fabric stores often sell end of rolls for a deep discount) matted on cardboard and framed to create a colourful, interesting piece.