Home Organization: Rules to live by

Keeping in theme with our segment on de-cluttering, this post will be dedicated to the general organization that is required after everything unnecessary has been thrown away or donated. Good organization skills do not come naturally to everyone but never fear; these five tools will get you on your way to being the most organized family on the block.

Rule #1: Ensure that there is always a place for everything

ClosetIn North America, we’re often guilty of having too much stuff. Ensure that everything you have has a place to live. If you have spare linens and blankets, there should be a specific place that they are kept and nowhere else. This allows everyone in the family to be aware of where things can be found and when they are out of place.



Rule #2: Labels aren’t always a bad thing

Image 2It’s not good to label people; however, labelling objects is a great way to organize! As mentioned in our de-cluttering post, keep lists handy to avoid rummaging through your belongings. If there are containers in the freezer, label them with the container’s contents. If you have plastic bins filled with your winter clothes, write a list of what’s inside, for example “sweaters”. Marking down each item is even more helpful but requires more time.




Rule #3: The “2-year rule”

Hanging on to too many old possessions can leave you drowning in your own stuff. A good way to organize what you really need is to follow the two-year rule. This rule is simple. If you haven’t worn an item or used it in over 2 years, donate it or throw it away. Certain things like camping tents or grills are sometimes not used in 2 years which is understandable, but use your discretion. If you cannot see yourself using this item in the foreseeable future, give it to someone who will. Don’t treat your home as a glorified storage facility.


Rule #4: Don’t overextend yourself

Image 4When tackling an organizational job, don’t take on too much. Focus on one task at a time and completing it fully. Dedicate one day to one task so that you can finish it and feel the rewards. There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed in your own home. Take control. One step at a time.





Rule #5: Organization in the home leads to organization in other areas of life

Free upA cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Be mindful of maintaining your hard work and it will become second nature to clean up after yourself, put the spare blanket back in the closet and check the label before you pull out too much frozen chicken breast. When your home is organized and you know what you have, you will realize you don’t need to buy as much. This saves you time and money at the store and will feel great.

Never underestimate the power of a little organization!

Images: hgtv.ca, apartmenttherapy.com, lifehacker.com, sprucesuites.com