How to coupon successfully

How to coupon successfully

Have you been meaning to include couponing as part of your weekly shopping, but aren’t really sure where to start? In order to really save money, it’s not enough to clip coupons. You’ve got to be committed to a strategy. Here are some tips on how to coupon successfully.

Know where to look

It goes without saying, to get the most out of couponing, you need to have a good stack on hand at all times. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your deal hunting. Some of the most common places to find coupons are instore, on manufacturers websites, flyers, newspapers, on retailers websites, online coupon companies, magazines and even right on products themselves.

It’s worth giving your favourite retailers or product manufacturers your email and subscribing to their email list. You get coupons delivered right to your inbox.


It’s important to have an organizational system that makes sense for your shopping needs and for your personality. For instance, if you prefer digital coupons, develop a system that lets you know what coupons you have.

For coupon clippers, a good way to get organized is with a binder full of pages that have sleeves with pockets that are about the size of baseball cards. These are a good size to put the coupons in. You may want to dedicate your coupons into categories that work for you (by food or product, by aisle in the store, by retailer, etc.).

Another idea is to use a shoebox or a file system. Whatever works!

Remember to check the expiry date on your coupons and to purge regularly.

Super saving tips

Make a point of matching coupons wherever possible to items on your shopping list, or build your list based on what coupons you’ve got. Get them organized before you get to the checkout.

Double coupon where you can. You can often do this (depending on the retailer’s rules around couponing) by using a manufacturer coupon along with a retailer coupon.